Slipping in every gear


May 26, 2001
Aaaargh! My just-rebuilt transmission just started slipping bad in every gear! Does that sound like a bad pump (low line pressur)? Could the kevlar bands have damaged the drum?
Does it slip in Reverse as well?

If so, it's probably a pressure issue. If it's slipping in the forward gears only, the Forward Clutch or FC circuit may have a problem. How's the fluid level?
Well, the repair shop tells me that a cable (the one that just slips on to the throttle linkage--little gray potmetal connection, thin cable) broke and the tranny lost pressure and fried itself. Can that happen or is the transmission tech blowing smoke to avoid warranty costs?
Having the cable disconnected can definitely do major damage in short order, especially if the TV exhaust checkball was removed from the valve body. (It's failrly common for builders to remove that checkball as it can cause other problems.)