Sloppy 1-2 shift @WOT

Dave Parker

May 27, 2001
Normal driving seems fine, 2-3 and 3-4 shift @WOT is fine as well
The 1-2 shift is early and kinda slides into 2nd
Also It will not shift into OD under 65mph, I can drive below 65 and will never shift unless I accel to 65 and release gas pedal, then it will shift into OD. Thanks for all help in advanced
ESI, do you have similar problems with you tranny
maybe someone can help us:( Please.....
Bruce,Greg,Louie,6pack,Joe :cool:
your trannie problem..

i just had my transmission done by Art carr, and he ran into the same problem as you guys have, he changed the pump 3 times an so on and so on, the problem ended up being a cracked transmission oil filter, so when the car would go WOT the oil will moved to the back thus sucking air right before hitting second gear, so second gear was really sluggish, and no with no power at all, try replacing your trannie oil filter with a 700R transmission filter that way it reaches all the way down to the bottom of the trannie eliminating the space between the pan and the filter improving oil suction by the pump from the bottom of the trannie, good luck and i hope this helps..

Lot of mile on the car? Does it flair (rpm jump a little before the shift)? Mine is only a 27K car but the previous owner managed to bake the tranny for me. The filter, as noted above, is a top feeder. Fluid moves back at WOT and the filter can suck air thus droping the line pressure. The end result is burnt clutches. The word is once it flairs, it's over, it always will untill freshened up. You will also end up with a slow shift. My understanding is that the cluthces have a burned surface and can not catch correctly. The shft is slow and the motor spins as the pressure eventually forces them to couple.


Could you provide a brief background on your transmission?

Has it been overhauled? What mods, if any, does it have? How long has it been accting up? etc.
Well Greg, like so many of us, who buy these cars used it's hard to tell what the previous owner did. He was vague when I asked as if he didn't know.
But earlier in the year the gov spring came out. I replaced it along with new filter, fluid. I have been back on the road for about 3 weeks, only drive on the weekend though.Ummm trying to think what else.... It has a trans go shift kit, stock convertor. External cooler. I have been playing around with the tv cable, mainly to fix the late upsift into OD.Thats about it . Thanks for your help
Brent , you got a good handle on this.. and Dave try a pressure test and see what it does at wot. Does it drop? Let us know..

thanks for your time tech guys

My WOT shift problem went away. She shifts hard as hell know. I did nothing different, just went for a cruise today and had a blast!
I love it when my car runs good:D
BTW. it still won't shift into OD below 65mph, I'll try the tv cable one more time. Thanks Greg, Bruce and others;)
My problem too

Well I have the same problem on my 24K GN. Sluggish as hell from 1-2 and very crisp on all the others. At non-WOT 1-2 barks the tires.

How do I do a line pressure test? How much to overhaul the tranny to fix burnt clutches? Will adding an extra quark of trans fluid keep it from sucking air?
Hey Dave,

I will be at V st. tomorrow night if you are coming through. However, the lockup is controlled by the chip. If yours isn't locking until 65, then that is what the chip is calling for. Try a manual lockup switch and see if it will lock earlier. If it will, then your problem is the chip.

To lock it just ground the upper left aldl connector.


I plan on getting a chip burner and the software in a month or so so i may be able to help you out in that area if it is the chip.
Crazi, I should be able to make it this time:rolleyes:

Anyway it's not the tcc. It's my OD, My tcc is fine,
according to my DS