Just Another BLACK Car
Jul 29, 2001
I have heard all of the good stories of this kit on TRs. Anyone used one on a TTA? I know the motors are similiar, not expecting a huge difference either way between the cars.

Just fact finding before I buy one....

I am sure going to add one when I get the money to start modding the **** out of my car.
22lbs of boost on 93 octane gas is really going to be bad ass on BFG's
I have a SMC kit I recently installed. Pretty straight forward install and Steve gives more braided line because its a TTA, you put it where the charcoal canister is.

I'm still dialing it in. I've had it to the track once and kept upping the turn on point and varying pump speed. I started at the 10psi turn on point that it comes with and went up from there. Right now its about 13psi turn on point, probably should be 15psi. It still has a stumble from coming on to early but I'm able to run 20psi so far with no knock. Best mph before the alky kit was 111.09. So far its 114mph and I'm sure it'll go up. Once I get the stumble out of there, I'll be in the 11s :)

I'm hoping that will be next Saturday as its probably the last time I'll be hitting the track this year.
Hey Gary I have a fairly new smc kit that I might consider selling shortly. It came on a 30k car I recently bought.

Still need to get a list of TA parts to ya. Just been super busy cutting up 2 cars in the past 7 days.

Thanks Joe.

I have some pics I am going to send you. I have the car taken apart.