SMC installed, getting fast idle at start up

The Darkside

Heavy Metal Thunder
As I posted a couple of days ago under the heading"Installed SMC kit today,what-a- rush",I admit the car runs really great right now,BUT.....I'm getting a really fast idle everytime I start the car up...It didn't do that the first time I started it after I installed the kit,but now it does it everytime,even after it's warmed up and I restart it.Do you think it has something to do with the kit or maybe the chip?What can I do to find out what is causing this?Any help would be appreciated.

The Darkside:confused:
I'll check it for a vacuum leak tomorrow.I wouldn't think it would be where I mounted the nozzle though as I used JB Weld around it.I'll check everywhere though.

Thanks,The Darkside