SMC kit and methanol?



Does anyone know if Steve ever did any testing to see if the pump can hold up to methanol? I didn't think to ask him about it when I ordered on the group purchase. TIA

I asked steve the same question and he replied dont use methanol.I wish i could because it is readily available where i work.On the joe tripoli alky units i see they can use it but it must be a better pump to handle the methanol.!
We used the SMC kit on a GT-R . The methanol provides a noticable hit.... but we left it sitting in the tank and killed the pump . We got another kit and put denatured in it.

Just sitting and watching the air intake temps - I think the methanol works better... We had to crank the denatured up all the way to get the same results as the methanol at a lower speed....

But it eats pumps..... and maybe other stuff.... but I like the methanol if I can run it - even part time

Check out this page I wrote up with some pics...