SMC kit -new progressive controller


Jul 19, 2003
New style smaller progressive controler.Also have older style black box progressive controller too.
New pump ,Jet flo 100 psi,new square bottle ,all parts put on to try and fit never used .
No lines for meth ,no nozzles,but all other parts new,even a check valve .


i`ve decided to sell lines,braided stainless,dual nozzles and all now.This will be a complete kit .

no pics its installed on the car now.Its brand new i just got the whole ,pump,controller ,from Steve at SMC.The new square bottle,external pump,controller have never seen boost ,just installed.This is steves newest version i`ve had it a couple of weeks .The line and dual sprayers are probably 1 year old ,they are off my original in tank pump from ther 1st system ran fine for 1 year.