SMC nozzle stealth hookup


Dec 20, 2001
Can the nozzle be install on the vacuum block or behind the upper plenum?I want it to be less noticeable.Will the spray still be effective if can be done?
Thanks in advance
I may end up doing this "stealth" mod to my kit this winter, but am thinking in the back of the intercooler outlet neck. Figure that will be fairly well hidden, and still give enough flow distance for the alky and air to "mix" evenly. May need a checkvalve if it siphons from being below tank level, though, according to Steve (SMC). I'd be a little afraid of uneven flow into the cylinders if it were injected that close to the plenum area as you suggest... but I am far from an expert.
i am not an alky expert by no means, hell i havent even my kit up and running yet, i have jay carter's kit with the 7th inj NOS plate under the doghouse....cant get much closer to the chambers than that, and i have heard nuthing but good things about the plate....granted it has a series of nozzels going the distance front to back under the that may be a plus....but as far as stealth goes, it does pretty good, until i start getting accused of running NOS!!!

i just laugh


Where do you get the plate from? I have not seen a plate that goes under the dog house as you described. If setup for NOS what hp is it pushing or is it adjustable?

Dan McCann at OGS (only good stuff) up near pittsburg sells the JC kit with the NOS plate.....i dont know the web address, but its in the vendors has pics of the nos plate....

and like i said, my alky is non functional at the moment.....

The plate sounds good.I`ll look into it.Can the plate be used with SMC alky kit also?Thanks in advance.
I have heard of people using it for alky, but it is actually sold as a "7th injector" setup. It should be fine, I'd think, as the spray bars will evenly disperse the alky in the plenum. I was just unsure of the single nozzle in the back as you described earlier.

bringing up an old thread...

So is anyone using a Jay Carter stealth plate with the SMC alky injection system? If so how compatable are they (i.e. fittings, etc.)? I was thinking of getting the single nozzle SMC kit and using the stealth plate instead of tapping into the up pipe? Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
I can verify for a fact that you need a solenoid if you are going to run the nozzle in the intercooler neck. I wasn't and when I took the IC out over the winter to do some other work on the GN it was sloshing with alcohol!!:eek: I put an alky/nitro solenoid from NOS about a foot from the nozzle and it is wired to open whenever the alky pump is running. Here's some pics.

This is my page about my alky system based on Steve Monroe's DIY setup.

I am now using the SMC nozzles in my IC outlet neck and don't seem to be having a problem. I am using the Walbro "Ford" pump, if that matters. Also, even though the nozzles are below the alky reservoir (WW tank), the pump is still below that level (under driver's headlight, basically) which probably does make a difference.

BTW, I finally have a pic of my IC nozzle mounting that some expressed interest in seeing previously! Just click on my website link below and then hit "page two" at the bottom. Not a big deal, but thought I'd mention it!