smoked a SC thunderbird

Turtle TR

boioing boioing boioing..
might have been a stock one, oh well...cause i looked stock. This super clean red thunderbird pulls next to me at a red light up Waialae Ave and gives me a few revs. Typical locol boy, I give him the head whiplash action, kinda like how when mainlanders acknowledges someone, your head nods Hawaii...ours goes up, LOL. So he taunts me, he yells out..."one time" obviously looking for a race. Green light he goes off first and I glance at his rear bumper saying Thunderbird SC. It had nice fat tires on what looked like 16" SVT Cobra rims, with SVT center caps. His exhaust tone wasnt noticable.:confused: And we went on to the next light and we were still in front of traffic. He looks at me and goes again, "come' time!!" In my head I thought, what the hell is this guy's problem? so I replied, "you sure?" "yah" he replied, I said "ok, green light...GO, no bother me after that" he says, "yah yah, ok" noticing a small hint of sarcasm. I watched the crossing intersection lights as they turned yellow then red. I could hear the guys car stalling his engine ready to launch, with a small hint of a whistle emitting from it. I thought, WOW it really is supercharged. GREEN!!! I launched the car as if I were in a rush, the Tbird took off slightly before me and took about a half car lead on me. throttled it down, DAMN...stupid SES Light comes back on, I have a code 31. I though to myself again, stupid code 31!!!!!!!!, but I watched my boost guage just in case I do overboost. but right after boost kicked in...I shortened that half car jump he had, to where my passender window was next to him. about an eighth mile passed 2nd gear passed and I moved about a 3/4 car passed him and soon I see him in my rear view mirror. YAY...I Win!!!
Looked like we were heading to the same place for lunch too, or it seemed like it. He followed me to Kahala Mall, and followed me around the parking lot for a while till I found a parking stall. I got out of my car, and he waited, I thought "this guy is fricken psycho!" but he just asked me what I had in my car, "it sounded like it has a turbo" I go, "yah, it came with the its pretty much stock" he asked me what mods do I have...I told him an electric fan, LOL!!:p:D and he looked at me :confused:, so I told him I gotta run.
hey nice kill. a guy in my town had a really nice silver SC that was pretty quick too. he ended up trading it to a guy for a clean 5.0 Lx hatch. next day he wrecked the stang and now he has nothing :(

any wayz, im gonna be some where on one of your islands in a few weeks. (i know u guys hate it when people from the states vacation there, sorry :) ) what island are u on?
Kyle: HAHA...I doubt he owns a Celica.:rolleyes:

Smokin: Naw, we dont hate visitors, just ask clayton and carla (c&cgn). we welcomed them with open arms, and took them to our track and cruised with them at Gordon Biersch. I'm on Oahu. If you're coming to Oahu, let the brothaz down in the Hawaii section know. I think all of us in that section is from Oahu.