smoking problem??


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I am having a problem locating a problem that is causing my car to burn oil and blow white smoke through exhaust. I first thought it was the turbo because that was leaking and when I hit the throttle from under the hood a puff of smoke whould come from the turbo. I replaced the turbo but the problem still persist minus the puff of smoke and squirt of oil from the feeder line. I know its not a head gasket cause the car is still driveable (doesn't overheat or anything) and still makes power. I took the car to local dealership for them to look at and my mechanic there couldn't see anything wrong with the top half either (he owns a GN so he knows the motor). He thinks that maybe I cracked a piston but is not sure without going in the motor and I am not trying to put anymore money into this car of that extent. I have been through two rebuilds already (bought the car needing one and the other was a bad detonation during a race). The car has 40k miles and is in good condition with many new after market goodies (capable of 11's with traction)
If anyone knows anything I should especially look for or have any ideas I would greatly appreciate. I dont want to sell but I just bought a house and may have no other choice.:(
First question...are all 6 plugs fouled with oil?

Is there oil in the intercooler?

Is there oil in the throttle body?

Start with these...we'll take it from there..
The plugs were ok and the throttle body was fine also. I am not sure about the intercooler. I will ask them that Monday morning.

Isnt there a way to look into the block without pulling a part. Running a small snake type camera through the plug or something i.e. the way doctors scope a part of the body before surgery.

You just answered your own question...Plugs are ok.

If any oil was in the combustion chamber...your plugs would get it.Sounds like a bad seal on the turbo exhaust housing.

The key here was Plugs...If the spark plugs come out lite tan and no soot on them...they havent been burning oil.

No ifs and butts about it :D ...I have never seen a plug that burns oil and doesnt get contaminated.

Hope this clears it up for you.
Thanks so much for the info fellas. I will pull the exhaust housing off and check to see if their is oil in the downpipe. My cousin, who just sold his GN, thinks it is the same thing.....its in the turbo seal.
And Red, the car doesn't smoke when its cold...only after its been running a while or being driven does it start to smoke. Thats why I wasn't too sure about it being a problem in the block. I will check the housing and let you know.

Thanks again for your help.
yea check it out cause if oil is being burned in the cylinder it will smoke from get go.... but if its raw oil in the ext then it takes awhile for the pipes to get hot enough to get oil to start smoking.

believe me i know about oil in the do all my neibors..:D