Snow Tires


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Mar 18, 2006
Hey Guys,

Got home last night and the wife was stuck in the driveway and PISSSED!!!!!!!

I need suggestions for snow tires for her Dodge Caliber. I had heard Blizzaks are good and I had a set of Winter Force on a Jimmy that worked well in the past. What do you have experience with?

These tires will most likely be a second set for winter only so noise, wear, etc. are not a big concern.
Blizzaks and the X ice Michelins both work great.
Michelins wear better supposedly and are better for dry roads.
Blizzaks are softer and better in winter ice and snow.
Both worked for me I get 4 seasons about 12K out of the Blizzaks.
13yrs ago, I test drove 2 BMWs, one with Blizzaks and one with a major brand all season tire, on an ice rink in Detroit..... Still amazed to this day, and I'm sure their design has only improved.

Never sold a set and had a customer complain, only ever heard positive things about them.
I have gotten 6 sets of Hankook Ipike 409 tires, they are absolutely great. You can get a wide choice of sizes and you may have to price hunt, but they really work. The same tire in suv sizes is called RW11. My dads car, his wifes car, my sons car ,daughters car girlfriends car, my murano, and a set for my buddies dodge 1500. No need to look any further IMO hope this helps
The reason I mentioned the michelins over the blizzaks is i
I don't think they have the 215/65/15's anymore.
hello people; A co-worker had a Caliper (I think it was salvage that also said) and he had 4 snow tires on it. He does that on his cars . He says it helped but he also said the car wasn't very good in the snow. I've heard many stories on the Blizzak and I would go with them. Who knows if your size is available. Keep a full tank and use the trans. and give it your best. With my 2WD van I got a trailer hitch just for some extra weight in the rear.
have fun
Thanks for the tips guys. The biggest problem is usually the ice that accumulates on the driveway and that the drive has quite a grade to it.

We are talking about getting her something AWD as another alternative.

All wheel is better but my murano with all wheel and factory rubber was so-so. Then when I put the hankook I pikes winter tires on It was like it turned into a Tank pretty much unstopable. well worth the 500$
I had Winterforces on all four corners of my Camry last winter & they were nothing short of awesome. That damn car got around as good as my 4x4 Silverado which I had just put new Coopers on.

I vote Winterforce's.
I like the set of Winterforce I had also. Problem is that the aren't made in the stock 17" wheel size. I am kicking around getting a set of 15" steel wheels to mount them on.

They are the least exspensive for sure.
The SE model Caliber has the 15" steel wheels on it stock. The car has tiny little brakes on it.
hello; Before you go for the AWD don't forget about studded tires. There out there. There noisy but if it's ice where your problem is give it a shot. Ice sucks for everyone.