So here's an update on how my car runs at the track

Tried running it without the airfilter?
Tried locking the converter?
Is the boost steady all the way down the track?
Tried running it uncapped?

Ok Razor the results are in...

I didn't lock the converter as Dusty says not to....

But I did remove the air filter and uncap the dump.

Other than making the car louder it didn't really make any difference in how the car ran.

I did notice the boost gauge would fluctuate when WOT while running down the track. What's up with that?

Oh yeah...I finally cut a 1.74 60 ft. and did a 12.7 but the trap speed dropped to 101 mph.
When you figure your car out pm me. I have a similar setup with similar results. Tim
Pm me as well, i just recently went to the track for the first time and got almost idintical times and trap speeds with a billet 6765 @25psi.