Sold it, let me know if you see it around...


The Next Generation
Jul 9, 2006
Welp...sold my 87 GN a few months ago after owning it for 14 years! Bought it when I was 16, first car I’ve ever owned. Although the GN sat for the last 4.5 years, this one hurts...bad lol....if you ever see this GN for sale again, let me know! Has GNX fender louvers, t-tops, rjc front mount, b&m megashifter, and a ton of other mods I did over the years. The GN is in the Everette area and owned by a pretty solid guy. He didn’t know much about GN’s at all but seemed like he was going to take care of it and put it back together.

My plan is to buy another 87 GN by next summer but if any of you guys on the west side of WA see this car for sale before that, please let me know! Things turned around in life about a month after selling this car...funny how life works eh?