Solid Roller Cams

If you are going to put a solid roller in a Buick V6 there is a few thinngs that need to be done. Some custom machine work should be done and some special parts are needed. Dan at DLS figured all this stuff out, does the machine work and makes the discontinued parts so that it will work. I got my own cam and sent it to Dan to do the machine work and supply the parts. Call Dan
Is it practical to run a solid roller in a street car? seeing the track occassionally? or better to run a hydraulic roller?
Without knowing what you are trying to do is is hard to answer that question. It does sound like a Hyd. would be a better choice for a mostly street car though
Soilds have to be set again and again. Go with hydraulic roller. Set it once done.

With taller valve covers I'm not sure how to get the pass side cover off. Its very very tight against the heater box. I had to cut part of my heater box to get the motor to fit correctly. There might be a trick but I dont know what it is at this time.