Some GM Tech help please....


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May 9, 2002
A friend has a 3.8L, 94 Pontiac Bonneville with a tendancy to die at idle after its warmed up. All stock as far as we know.

Turbolink showed no Malfunction codes, But no activity on the EGR valve either (constant "0" reading). MAF readings were a bit low at WOT, but car has 104k. The ESC field had a constant "5" at idle and 10-12 at WOT. All other fields on Tlink were normal. New fuel pump, filter, air cleaner. Nothing obvious on visual inspection.

Any thoughts? TIA :)
this is the 3800 series engine. This was actually a common problem with these engines. Remove the IAC and using O2 sensor safe carb cleaner clean the IAC and throttle body. Once clean and dry reassmeble and then set the base idle using factory procedure. This will just about always solve the problem you describe.
Great reply :)

Thanks, we knew it was a common problem with these cars....Just didn't know how to fix it without a blank check at the dealership ;) Thats why we got it so cheap :)
This might be totally unrelated but that engine uses a plastic intake plenum, check for any cracks around the EGR, and where it bolts to the intake manifold.