Some guys just don't like to lose I guess

Brandon Keith

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Aug 27, 2015
So I hadn't driven the buick for a week or so when I noticed it was a nice day, me and the girlfriend were going to run some errands and maybe grab some dinner so I figured we'd take the baby out. It's getting on 10pm or so after riding around for a while when we're finally heading home on the gene snyder when a yellow 2010-2013 camaro comes flying up from the I65 off ramp, I'm just chilling in the left lane behind a mini van cruising along when the camaro drops in behind me since my lane is overtaking a semi truck.

My girl makes a comment as we're passing the semi about how the camaro is probably going to act like a baddie and jump out as soon as it's clear and try to look "special" lol, she's funny sometimes, sure enough, she called it, he cranks over into the right lane like he's trying to avoid hitting a tree at the last second, cuts off the semi in the process, and guns it, so I like a gentleman hit my blinker and the gas pedal to move around the minivan and suv in front of me.

I don't know how fast I got it up to because of the 85mph dash, but I can say this for sure, 70 to ???? is amazing in these cars :) .. So, I've got my foot through the floorboard with this guy and taking him pretty bad, just about when I've got about half a car on him I see the car in my lane up ahead is obviously not racing into the night, so instead of cutting the camaro off like a douche, gentleman remember lol, I let off and pull in behind him. This guy was acting like a clingy psycho ex-girlfriend who can't accept that it's over, his goose had been cooked, but every time I would start coming around him, there would be another car of some sort up ahead, or he'd change lanes and cut me off as soon as I moved in for the kill.

This probably went on for 4 or 5 miles before we came up on enough traffic that he couldn't dance in front of me anymore, as soon as it opened back up he pulled back along side and I'm full on ready to finally lay down some 55mph roll justice when he dives down the next exit onto dixie hwy and disappears.
Good kill...I grew up in Louisville, Valley Station. I did a lot of racing on Gene Snyder back in the day lol. Especially coming back from Ohio valley. Preston, 11th and 13th street, a little across the river too....good times back then.
Ahhhh... Once he knew he couldn't hold you off any longer,he took the Turn of Shame. Ha!

Great story.
It's funny how people who decide to challenge us (because they've "heard all about those cars for too long") don't understand how they just got their asses handed to them.

Even though they've "heard all about those cars for too long". :hilarious:
It's funny how people who decide to challenge us (because they've "heard all about those cars for too long") don't understand how they just got their asses handed to them.

Even though they've "heard all about those cars for too long". :hilarious:
I have 3 of these in various disguises that causes people to just fall over themselves because the got spanked from; A: fake GN that is more real then a lot of them; B: A rosewood that is way too red ( I hate painters)that TurboLou built for me, or C; A grandpa D84 car that's stone stock+alky. Good freakin times!
Didn't you just get this car recently? Please make sure your brakes have been checked (Especially if you still have the powermaster- I've lost two in rush hour traffic in San Diego- NOT COOL)

Congrats on the kill btw! :)
This was the second guy I've had take the turn of shame on me, first one was a ricer flyby challenger the night I was driving it home lol. I've had the car about 6 or 7 weeks, has a reman powermaster on it; not sure how I feel about that yet but it seems to be a-ok for the time being.

I'm currently debating on a rear disc conversion, but all the front is absolutely next before anything else, was doing an oil change and a basic inspection up front, steering components are all in spec, but passenger front wheel bearings didn't pass my shake down, and the front pads are about due also, been looking at some willwood sets online, looks like about 500.00 bucks for the full treatment, braided lines, 1.62" dual piston calipers, ceramic pads, drilled/slotted rotors with bearings/races/seals, all the hardware. Other than the calipers, I haven't heard of the hard parts company before "CPP", need to do a little more research on them and maybe look into piecing it together myself instead.

As for my "disguise" lol; my car is just a limited with an lc2 pretty much, just found a hole in the Y-pipe where it splits from single to dual exhaust ( guess I found that loud exhaust leak :) ) faded blackout trim on the headlights, missing black trim on the passenger door, centerline wheels missing the centers, 295/50/15's outback that rub on big bumps or right turns (got some 245/60's on order) 225/60's up front, surface rust on the hood, deck, and roof, and a column shift complete with 60/40 bench pillowtop seats :) Guess they see those 3.8sfi turbo badges and think she's all wore out lol. Friends call her the Rusty Regal, I just call her awesome ;)

Forgot, the camaro was a V8, and like TurboTroy, I plan to get a black car next so I can start having similar problems I assume you have; which one to drive today LOL ;)
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I knew that; have you dealt with them or used any of their house manufactured products? They sell most all name brand suspension and steering stuff, but other than the braided lines and the willwood calipers, the rotors are house brand manufactured to "their" specs, don't know if that means they're outsourced or actually made in house.