some parts for sale. need help pricing them. or make offers

here is the transaction. I guess the fee was indeed $.30?


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phoneguy your pms are full.

douggn came by and bought everything except the driver front filler and the lens covers and heads. I also have a 87 intake, plenum, throttle body, and fuel rail, but somebody else local is interested.

This driver front filler is still in pretty nice shape. It just needs to be prepped and painted. I wiped it down and gently twisted it several ways to make sure its not brittle. that is the newer paint flaking off in the pic.

I'll take $35 shipped for the filler and lens


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the front pass filler pictured above, and the lens covers have been sold.

only thing left is 2 sets of stock 8445 heads.

I might have a couple decent rear fillers up for sale in a week or so