Some people say my video was disrespectful


Sep 11, 2005
I still get people saying what about the other racers you held up, I can say no one at the track was upset at all, The whole thing was the guy running the lights was telling the racers to stop doing the big burnouts so a friend told me to go up and do a GN burnout and I got nothing but thumbs up from the other racers not so much from the guy running the lights, So No one was harmed doing this Video

The guy running the lights probably had a hot date after work and he just wanted to get the h&ll outta there. Besides , I'm sure the *spectators* loved it , and after all, it IS a spectator event. They got what they paid for !
I thought it was badass.
So after the kool guy burnout did ya run a 10 sec run to show em it wasn't all show an no go ?? :unsure:
Your answer to the guy running the lights should have been ..........

It was a lot of fun but I just didn't like some on youtuble saying what about the racers that had to wait, They didn't mind at all , When I got the car it had 5900 miles on it, Now has a little over 10,000 Most of them were burnout miles and full power with ac and rides like a Caddy, Still has the original paint, Like they say you always remember your first ride in a turbo Buick


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