Somebody educate me on boost controllers....


Mechanical Engineer
Hey guys....

Been reading alot on boost control....particularly on systems that still use the stock type wastegate (either stock or HD adjustable).

Here is what I think I understand....:

Whatever you have your wastegate set at for boost level......anything else you put inline (ie electronic boost control... manual boost control... RJC boost control... ect.) can only increase boost levels over the stock setting. That is..... if your stock WG is set to 17 psi.... there is no way to have something inline regulate boost to say... 5psi....??

I was thinking about a poor-boy multi-stage boost controller.. using several WG solenoids... and several RJC style manual boost controllers... for controlling boost on the line.... and bringing it in in a couple of different stages.... with a simple timer circuit that was triggered off the brake pedal.... While it would be cool to do this.... I have convinced myself that this is not possible... because of how the stock WG actuator controls boost.

What I would like:

1st setting: Adjustable and probably set between 5 and 10 psi for launch and maybe burnouts

2nd setting: Probably triggered off simple timer circuit to increase boost level to say 15 psi... within ? seconds (also adjustable) of actual launch (brake pedal released)

3rd setting: Maybe full boost... also activated from a simple timer circuit.... like above.... ? seconds after 2nd setting activated.

4th setting: Would not use RJC style controller... and would primarily be used on the street where instant spoolup would probably result in loss of control... due to tire slippage. (this would be nice to be able to adjust this boost level from inside the car)

With all that said.... if I understand the stock style WG actuator setup..... if it is set at 17 psi.... there is no way to get a WOT 5 psi setting... for launch or burnout....

Somebody help me or am I just :confused: