someone recommended a 252 block, compatible?


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Sep 10, 2005
hi i havent been on here in awhile, but im in the process of saving money for a complete turbo 3.8 drivetrain for a swap into my 89 camaro. I just had a few questions now that im really serious about the swap (meaning money is a little easier to get and save). Anyways one of my older buddies recommended that i use a 4.1 liter block rather than the 3.8, I just need to know if most of the 3.8's parts will fit into the 4.1 block such as crank, cam, intakes, etc. Also what would i have to change (pistons obviously), if anything. I was wondering if the block was any bigger(externally, size) and if it would fit in my camaro :confused: . I just dont want to work on something that isnt going to work and i didnt want to fool with a set up that ends up being gutless or something. I dont know much about these motors, im just trying to learn about them. If anybody can give some answers that would be great. Well thanks for your time.

4.1 (252cid) differences
Headgaskets and pistons are the only things abslutely unique to the 4.1. The 4.1 shares its head fasteners (studs or bolts), oilpan, timing cover (both 14 bolt as opposed to the later 20 bolt), cam bearings and I believe motor mounts with the 84-85 "hot air" motors. As such it has a slightly thinner deck, thinner main bulkheads, and an open lifter valley as opposed to themore solid one of the 109 block. The external dimentions are identical to the 3.8 though I think HR Hardparts and Stuff motor mounts need to be the
Stage variety to fit for some reason.

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the block holds up well ,many people use them in turbo cars
it should have the same crank as a turbo and rods.
block is the same as regal turbo engines,not sure about the tta ones.
but i would belive this has been done before as its a common
swap for regals.
most 3.8 parts will work.
check the HYBRID sections on the board and TurboTA section