Sorry, But I had to.


Jun 7, 2001
I left school At about 8 p.m. tonight and went to show a friend of mine how the car was feeling after I changed the converter. He was at a place called Larman Motorsports here in Miami and when I get their, they were Dynoing A 2000 Lexus IS 300 with a turbo kit. That thing was bad! It maxed out 531 whp on it's best pass and it was still at LOW BOOST!

Well, I leave the shop hyped as hell and I go out looking for a race. I'm allmost home and nothing. For the past two weeks, I've been driving around with only 9 psi of boost due to a very badly rounded-out stock cam (150 K miles). It runs fine normally, but it sputters and backfires really bad under a load.
I spotted a nice looking V6 Honda Accord:eek:droped with nice 18" rims, dual Greedy Exhaust, and fog lights. I look inside and I see him with his chick and I just think to myself "No, Don't do it". So anyways, he drives away and we meet up right next to each other about 4 lights down. I didn't even look his way but I pulled up far enough ahead so he could see my 3 gauges on the A pillar (yup, it looks bad a$$). He didn't throw any revs or anything so when the green light came up, i started driving normally. All of a sudden (we must have been going about 10mph) I hear him go WOT. I had my window down and could hear that thing rev like I HAVE NEVER HEARD A HONDA REV BEFORE. He must have had like a 25 inch K&N with a 6 inch intake pipe! :eek: J/K I mean I literlly felt my hat being sucked in to his hood! :eek: I nailed It while he was still next to me and SLOWLY :eek: started pulling on him. I felt the car stuttering cause of the cam and I almost went to reach for the nobb but I really didn't want to do that to him with his G/F in the car. I stayed on it till about 70mph, where I allready had him by a Car and a half and still pulling, and then I shutted it down. He didn't want to get next to me so I gave him the :D , then the "what happend" hand, which slowly turned into the "thums down" as he made a left. :D

I don't know much about Hondas, but I can bet anything that he sprayed me.

My comments about 9 psi : It's closer, which makes it much more fun. But I prolly won't get the stangs and Z's. Well ?

I can't wait for 17 psi and a new cam.

Take care guys.

(How many of you thought I has going to race the IS 300 Hu. I got two word for you: YOUR CRAZY!)

Yeah, I had a race like that a while back in my ttype. Guy in a red 92ish Prelude with rims and a fart can was cruising next to me w/ his buddy. I had 2 passengers in the car with me, and was running 14psi and pump gas. We are rolling away from a light about 15mph and I hear him wind it up so I go WOT. Of course my car kicks down and by the time I hit 2nd hes already a car ahead. 3rd gear comes and hes got about a car and a half, stays dead even at that through 3rd gear.....then we both shut down. I pull up next to him cruising about 45mph and give him the thumbs up and a smile, he does the same. Few blocks down I get him at a light. I said, "pretty quick Honda ya got there." He answers back, "yeah, it runs 13s." Wow, I was impressed, seriously. So I said cool.....wanna try it from a stop? "Sure" he answers. I bring up the RPMs and hear him reving in the next lane. I leave on about 2psi with some wheelspin of course (1 legger) and I yank him 2 cars out of the hole and hold it to 90 or so and shut down. He comes up next to me and smiles, gives the thumbs up. I was honestly impressed, dont know if he was spraying or not. But I gave him the respect he deserved.....and to my surprise, he did the same to me. Just sharing......there are some Hondas out there that have some tricks up their sleeves.......BRING IT ON :)
Life is hard

It really sux for me, I work in a prominent parts store in my town and drive a modded TR. Import guys just keep gunning for me. Come to think of it, it's not just the imports but alot of the teens driving about anything.
No pics, but their is an Issue of Turbo somewhere in my room (That I can't freaken find now) That featured 3 IS 300's. Theirs a black one that was on the cover of the issue that from here in Miami. It's making somewhere near 650 Whp and was also put together by Lance at Toyomoto. Lance does an awsome job on all these cars. He was at this place last night for some reason and not at his shop.

By the way, It had a New Jersey tag on so if your in New Jersey and you come across a Silver IS 300 w/ 18's, exhaust, and a huge Front Mount, Don't even think about it unless you car is making 500 HP.
You have been warned.
saw a video the other day of a Lexus with a supra engine in it. was making around 800hp. fast mofo to be sure
If you have any respect for the TT Supras then you should do the same for the IS300. Its the same 2JZ motor with a different head and VVTi timing. As stated that Turbo mag has 3 of these with serious power.

Don't get me wrong I love my GN but this isn't '87 anymore and engine management is the wave of the future when a turbo is involved.

Hang tough guys...

Lets here about some LS1 kills.