Source for a 79/80 down pipe, ERG Manifold, & ECC wiring harness??


Jun 5, 2001
I'm looking for a source for a down pipe (or interchange info) as well as an EGR manifold and the wiring harness for a 1980 ECC box (The one that was in the dash through the firewall) in the 1980 Monte Carlo Turbo that was my donor. Not sure where these parts "went" as George Carlin would say.
Any ideas, my friends?
Thank you,
I think the 1980 turbo intake manifold is nearly identical to the '78-'79 except it is aluminum. If that is the case, I might have some of those pieces from an earlier engine. No wiring though.
Is this what you're calling an EGR manifold?

You could delete that EGR valve and make block off plates for the intake manifold and the plenum out of steel or aluminum. You'll probably have to make your own gasket or use high temp sealer.