Source needed for Turbo Buick Rods and Pistons ?


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Jan 28, 2007
Hello there
I am an Australian driving a VR Commodore by Holden (GM for you guys).
This runs the Buick 3.8L V6 around VIN C era rear wheel drive though..
I am rebuilding the engine and have been advised to buy Turbo Buick Rods and Pistons from the USA as they are strong enough to support the mild 14psi (Eaton M90) I will be running.
Can anyone advise on an affordable source for standard turbo rods and pistons ?
Or even Forged pistons and H-Beam Rods to suit ? Maybe as package deals etc..

All your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Or you can buy a set of K1 rods and Diamond pistons. K1 was was bought out by Carillo.

You should be able to purchase products from these companies from Aussy land, Mate.

Billy T.
Sources for parts for Aussie Buick

Ok thanks guys... Appreciate that.
Will keep searching.
You guys seem to get very high boost into your turbo Buicks. Do you need to change the internals much before doing it ?