Spal Dual Fans


Goin Sideways
Spal 30102052 Dual 11" Fan Assembly with Shroud, these move some major air...........2780 cfm @ 25 amps. These work perfectly.
185.00 + shipping.


how do these install onto buick radiator? any pics of whe you have them installed? what radiator were you using?

any pics of the racetronix harness??

I'll try and dig out some pics tonight of how I mounted it and the harness. I have a payment pending on everything, if it falls through I'll drop to the next in line. The plug and play Racetronix harness has been discontinued according to their website so this is one of the few they built.

If you look in the Stage 2 section under Stage 2 Twin Turbo Street Car, on page 3 you can see how they mount and the harness.