spark number question


May 22, 2012
What is a healthy SP number on the SM or PL. my car idles at 26/27 should i try to raise that because i feel the timing might be off and i was wondering what optimal numbers at idle would be. I dont have very responsive spooling and am curious to see if this is affected by that .
how do you plan to change the idle timing
FYI ..its fixed in the chip , youll need a chipburner

typical idle is 28-30 degrees

you can change the 1-2 timing in the tt chip but you are still limited to a timing value that has to be ok at wot top of second gear so you cant get too agressive

the 1st gear fueling will probably have more effect on spool than timing also make sure there are no leaks in the exhaust , that blms are good, and that the converter is matched for the turbo
it never idles up to 29 or 30 i was just wondering if that was low and i wasnt sure if you can adjust it with the turbotweak chip or use the timing mark/cam sensor positioning?
oh just saw the last part of your sig..
good luck getting reasonable spool with the hooker headers and a 231cu motor...
get a set of stock headers
it came with the headers when i bought the engine i havent switched to others yet . just stock like gm replcament or you recommend ta or atr type ones?
stock like Gm put on the 86-87, was good to bottom tens for me but they do require some upkeep at that level as far as cracks
TA are nice and shouldnt hurt spool but at 700 for the TA stainless stock replacements (they are much better design than stock but have same connections dimensions and style to allow replacing a driver side on a stock gn header setup)
or TA race headers at 800.00 mild 1000.00 stainless steel might be too much on the wallet
i have installed both styles and personally run the mild and the stainless and they dont hurt spool and seal up very well

the atr KB style are not available other than the repop copies available from , they are fine and a little cheaper than TA but that design they wont help spool on a stockish build

and dont even consider the cheap ebay shiny stainless headers
Shop over in the parts for sale section and pick up some used stockers, ask the seller about cracks, if there are any welding them up is pretty easy if you have access to a welder or hopefully you can find some place to do it cheap. Install a gusset between the #3 and 5 tube to avoid the common crack there.