Spark Plug Wires


Has a set of Magnacores for sale in the Parts for sale section. But we don't know if they will fit, because they are off of a GN.

Anybody have any feedback on fitment?
Only prob is if you have a down pipe(aftermarket).
Else,i'd go with the least resistive ones you can get.Our coil packs dont generate a lot of spark,so the lesser the resistance,the more energy to the plug.

I put a set of the Jacobs on mine and put fiberglass sleeves on the boots.So far so good and theyre variangle so they clear the THDP.


Sounds like a plan. I have the stock downpipe now, but will upgrade later.

Where did you get the wires?
The wires can be gotten from Jacobs directly or Summit I believe carries them too.I paid like 125 for mine three years ago but have exchanged them over 5 times already :D

So the warranty is great.They'l send three wires a year no questions asked or exchange the complete set.I tell them theyre slightly discolored and dont like the way they look.Or that the boots feel loose.Or....I've gotten more than my moneys worth.I bought mine from them direct.Theyre phone number should be in the back of most car mags or you can call Summit and get the number.I cant remember it off hand.You have to get the straight boot ones for like an HEI type dist ends.They have to be assembled but very very easy.No crimping involved.Also dont get the ceramic ones.Theyre not variangle and cant be bent.

FWIW theyre 8.5 MM and not as low as the the MSD's but a lot lower than any other plug wire in the market including the magacores.

Anything else let me know.

I have a set of magnecores on my car. Pulled one of the spark plug contacts right out of the boot a couple nights ago. Called Conley's and they stopped selling them because Magnecore will not warranty them. They switched to Jacobs.
So I happened to have a couple extra wires from an old set, so I was lucky.
I wonder if Taylor makes a set for the GN?