Spearco instructions

85 TR

Sep 19, 2001
Hey I know that you guys were e-mailing them to eachother about a month ago .I did not plan on having one but now I do and was wondering if one of you guys could E-mail me the instruction Thanks
E-mail Korey002@hotmail
I'll look , let me know if you have any questions about it i can probley help yea out.

did i give you the waste gate cut for the sperco , if so the rest is easy.:)
Yes you did thanks

but its not actuating right ???????? not your wastgate though my ld one does the same thing

I just have no idea what i need and what pipes go where before doing the install I got a used kit and some stuff is a little ruff but all there exept a bracket on one of the fittings that either goes into the turbo or the intake?

I also need a few new rubber boots?can I get these at a hardware strore or auto? thanks