spearco intercooler questions


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Apr 27, 2005
can any one tell me is there anything special about the
adapters to make that kit work

or does any one have pics of them

i was thinking of making some ,

who? still sells the kit?

They Spearco kits are very rare and overpriced priced as well. It is alot cheaper to go Alky injection is order to accomplish the same thing. Do some research on both. Just a thought. Chime in guys! Brad
Spearco overpriced :confused:
I sold my old kit for $500.....and bought another kit later on at $350. Get a used spearco kit.......best bang for the buck hands down...make sure it is complete. Got pictures in my webshots. I like the spearco and I am sure some other guys will agree. My .02 cents.....Nick.