Specics on the actuator


USAF Retired
May 24, 2001
Looking for the sepic on the actuator...spring pressure, diaphragm opening pressure.

I might be able top help you, Jim. I have a spare at Work I'll put it on the strain gauge to see how many ponds of force it takes. But it may not be until after the Holidays.
Thanks Fred :) I'm working with a turbo shop in Pa that is trying to find a replacement actuator. But most are smaller in size which affects the spring pressure needed.

Thanks Fred,
I found the stuff on the NOS, will make copies when I go to work Monday and mail it.
Hi Jim,

The sent me out side the shop today. So I will try to get to it early next week. Sorry for the delay.
No problem, my car is mostly sitting right now anyhow :( Getting lifter noise on cold start-ups on the driver side. Think that it's the front cam botton or missing the grove in the front of the cam :mad: Looking at some HotAir blocks local to start new