Spin city at Bradenton today


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Drove the car today to Bradenton, which is a 4 hour round-trip. Had the A/C on and cruise control set, so it was a nice drive.

The event was called 'Street Heat' and it's for the street car scene, so the track was un-prepped (scary!).

I kept blowing off the tires, 60 foot times were anywhere from 2.0 to 2.2. Boost around 22 - 23 psi. 18 degrees timing in 1st and 2nd. 22 degrees in Drive.

Still managed 11.0 at 132 MPH through the exhaust.

I haven't had time to install the 30 spline axles and Eaton posi, so racing on a prepped track is something I'm avoiding for now. With traction I predict low 10's at around 135 through the exhaust.