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Apr 4, 2002
First of all, Big thanks for the overwhelming support on my new front and one piece, rear bumper fillers.

For those Logged into this site, you should be able to see prices and phone number (949) 433-1257 below in my signature to call, or PM to get shipping costs and payment information. Or you can go to my website at www.spoolfoolproductions.com

Here is my one piece, fiberglass rear bumper filler.

Here is my fiberglass front bumper fillers.

These bumper fillers are hand made in the USA and come in a gloss black gel coat. This finish may have some minor scratches, chips or imperfections and is meant to be painted. However, many people install them without painting and are very happy. The pictures above are of unpainted fillers, right out of the box.:)

For lots more HD pics of my one piece rear bumper fillers with all customer feedback, click here.

For lots more HD pics of my front bumper fillers and all customer feedback, click here.

Here's HD videos of what my rear and front fillers look like and how to install them. Note: Whether you buy my fillers or someone else's, these videos will cut your install time in half.

Rear filler

Front fillers

All fillers are pre-drilled and ready to install. Some holes may need to be slightly elongated with a round file, as each of these cars are a bit different. These fillers are ridged enough that they do not require a flex agent to paint.

Thanks and Happy Spooling.:)
Mike Barnard
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You should have no trouble marketing your fillers, the quality will continue to sell them for you.

Thanks to everyone who's been supporting my skydive habit. Bumper filler sales have been off the charts. The boys at the shop have been working OT to keep up.:)
They don't mind the extra cash at the end of the week, However they are complaining that work is cutting into their surfing time:eek:. Maybe when we get caught up, we'll get a picture of us all out surfing (Company board meeting).:cool:

Happy summer time.

Mike B.
I want to thank Mike for an outstanding product. The fit and finish of these pieces is outstanding! The packaging was excellent also.
On top of that Mike will give you all the time in the world to explain the product and any install questions you may have.
He has obviously gone through a great deal of effort, time and energy creating parts that are better than the factory could have ever done.

You-da-man Mike.
I've decided to not try and make those awful eBay fillers work. The time I'd have in them is not worth it. I'd have to cut, re-glass, fill, and end up with a filler that's full of tiger hair and bondo :inpain: and probably prone to cracking and all the other problems associated with multiple layers of different products lol. So it'll be a good month or so until I'm ready to purchase. I'm so stoked! Cant wait to get it on my car! Its gonna blow minds. I'm doing some work to my rear bumper as well (Smoothing) and giving it some much needed attention in some other areas. Your rear filler will cap it off perfectly! Should I hit you up here, or just call the number on your site? Thanks :)
Just wanted to give a huge thanks for taking the time to meet with my wife and I so we could pick up a set of your awesome bumper fillers and your torque converter inspection cover. Everything fit like a glove and looks awesome. Substantially improved the cars look in a single afternoon. The inspection cover works really well too! A quick bolt on and no more oil blowing back to the transmission pan. Keep up the great work.
I now have both fronts and rear filler, I purchased the fronts about 6 years ago and finally got the rear last week. AMAZING quality out of the box, easy install, and customer service by Mike himself, is second to none! Thank you Mike!

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