Spoolfool rear bumper filler installation 1987 Grand National


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Mar 9, 2013
Repost, original thread seems to have been lost in the server issues .

Mikes video is awesome but I Figured I would share my experience. Hope it's a help
Replaced the cracked crappy original bumper fillers today using spool fool productions 1 piece fiber glass filler I picked up at kirbans open house.
Huge thanks to Mike Barnard spool fool for answering my questions at the open house and on the phone.
Fit and finish are excellent, great product. Pretty easy install, just had to make some of the holes a little bigger. Lined up perfect.

tools needed:
phillips head screwdriver
7/16 socket or wrench
13 mm socket
possibly a round file
wd 40
strong wife

( tip from 626gn a 5 gallon bucket and a towel are the right height on a stock car if you don't have a helper )

sprayed the nuts with wd40 the night before

Had to make some of the holes a little bigger on the fillers and move the piece behind the plate a bit to get a good fit. Once it was right installed the nuts then I re installed the taillights

wrapped the edges of the bumper with masking tape to protect the new fillers gellcoat finish then put the bumper back on
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Figured those weren't recent. Been too cold to do something like that. Nice job.
Figured those weren't recent. Been too cold to do something like that. Nice job.
yeah this was my first GN sold it a few years ago. I used photobucket so a ton of my content was lost. Finally getting around to updating it
Very nice. Putting the bumper back on if definitely a 2 man job if you don't want to scratch the crap out of that nice new filler.
I know that's my Christmas present in the g-body box but don't tell me what it is.

P.S. A new scanmaster G would be nice!
I used a hairdryer to get a dent out of the bumper on a Ford Kuga - heat it up, push from behind and in no time, it was gone. Worked a treat☺️