Spoolfool's Christmas carbon fiber Drip-Lip contest winner.


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Apr 4, 2002
Sorry folks.
The board went down and it looks like the contest was lost. Fortunately, I wrote down the winner(s).

I decided to give away a limited run, carbon fiber Drip-Lip to first and second place.

First Place goes to HUENEMEGN for post #9. This was the picture of the GN with the Christmas tree sticking out of the trunk of the GN and the story of the poor Mustang who tried to race him on the way home from getting the tree. You can't just make stuff like this up. I hope this story is told for many years. This is good stuff.
Please re-post that picture of your race tuned sleigh. :p

I'm calling it a tie for second place.

Fat Nat in post #21 and his incredible Buick Christmas house decorations. Talk about an "E" for effort. I only hope there aren't any die hard Mustang guys on his street.

Also earning second place is Jerry86Ttype for the pic of his 900 HP GN and his even more impressive MMA champ son Arron.

Once again, Winners please re-post pics here for others to see. Message me your address and T-shirt size and I'll get a box heading your way.
Thanks to all who have spent the time to post picks. This was a fun deal.

Happy New Year and Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard