Spring / Cypress / NW Houston - let's meet again!


It has been a few years since we had a Buick get together around here. It is way past time! So we are planning a meet:

Date: third weekend in May - Saturday May 21st
Time: 7pm till they kick us out
Place: Santa Fe Flats
21542 TX-249
Suite #5
Houston, TX
(Hwy 249 between Louetta and Jones, in front of Home Depot)

Nice patio area, reasonably priced beverages, and delicious green enchiladas if you are so inclined.

We've got a few takers already. Who is in? Roll call!

I'm in bringing the 3800 car and I think there's 4-5 guys planning a on it too off board. Let's get some cars out!
I think i can speak for everyone. ...if you own a TR or support our community...you are welcome!

Thanks. I rarely do the car meet/scene but I think staying up past my normal bed time may be worth it, lol. I hope too make my 30yr old goal/dream of having GN in my driveway happen as soon as possible and thought I could make new friends /contact's within the local community and possibly expedite said goal.

I would have loved a GN as my patrol vehicle when I was a deputy sheriff 5yrs ago, the cool cop, I digress.
I look forward to meeting the crew and thanks for the invitation.


I'll be there with my car. See yall there!!

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I think I will drive over in my NSX. I've been online looking for another GN for several weeks now. It's gotta be the perfect one for me though. I've owned 3 and they never really get out of your blood. The GN community has dwindled down over the last few years and it saddens me.
Any west Houston/Katy, Hwy 6 and Westheimer, GN owners driving and would be willing to suffer a/another passenger?

I just realized that 1989 was my first and last ride in a GN and that's just sad!
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I emailed several Buick owners, (V-8) guys also, some have replied & will be there. See you all Sat evening