Spring/Cypress/NW Houston-let's meet again!


May 26, 2001
It's been what, 6-7 weeks since we got together before? Let's do it again! I'm thirsty! Anyone up for meeting on 10/6 at Santa Fe Flats again? Or propose a better date.

I'll be glad to show up and drool over everyone else's GN's - ours is stil out of commission
I'll have to map SFF - never heard of it

edit: Oh, I see it over on 249 - no problem
crap i wouldnt be able to make it the 6th. possible to push it back a weekend and get more buzz going on it?
If it suits everyone better, sure, I have no problem targeting the 13th instead
Yeah I have to work this saturday ,so the 13th would work better for me too.
I am good both weekends...right now i am in the middle of the Lesabre gauge cluster install, new carpet and getting the seats recovered...should be done by this weekend.
Thats cool Id like to see that dash ,thought of doing it a few times in the past myself.
Can't do the 13th - My son has a Cub Scout camping trip we're looking forward to
Zeus - sorry to hear that Sat. is a no-go for you. No worries, we will do it again! For the rest of you guys, head count! Who really thinks they can come? Scott and myself will show up. Who else? Santa Fe Flats, Saturday the 13th, about 8 pm. I might even hose off my car this time LOL. I can show off my new SpoolFool rear bumper filler - just with that my car is a lot more presentable than it was last time.

I would show up, but the wife has us committed to an ADULTS only halloween party, so Grandma is coming to babysit the little one.
I'll try & make it out there tomorrow. I'm not totally sure it will work out though.
I think we should still all try and meet out at the next Cars & Coffee also sometime.
It would be pretty cool to have a good size group show up there and park inline.


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It looks like 4 or 5 of us can make it for sure, so I think that qualifies as enough to say it is a Go. See you guys there! And if you want to eat, those green chicken enchiladas sure are good :) I might have to show up early with the wife and kids and have some myself... Then send them home so I can hang out and talk cars and enjoy a frosty beverage.

Yeah, definitely fun! We shall have to do it again :)

Maybe do it again in 6 weeks or so? First Sat. in December maybe?