Tucson Turbo Buick meet 4-13


Turbo Spooled by CORN
Some of the Tucson turbo Buick owners are wanting to get together for this Saturday's Cars n Coffee. April 13 at 6 am at La Encatada Mall. We are trying to gather the most Buicks as possible. We have 6 cars committed to going. We would like to see a record amount show at one place.

I know most action in Arizona is only in Phoenix but I know there are many Turbo cars in Tucson also. We would like to meet at one spot before pulling in so we can park as a group. Details to follow.

Anyone from Phx is welcome too, the more Turbo cars the better.
Thought id show a few pics from last saturday cars and coffee. Had great turn out of Turbo cars for Tucson. We all met up at my shop at 6am and drove together to the show. Lots of comments from people saying they couldn't believe that many buicks existed in Tucson. We had 9 cars show up which is great for our town. Was cool to see the Buicks the stars of the show for once. Went for a short cruise after. Was fun burning tires as a group.

great turnout on this one!

Anyone down for Tucson Cars and Coffee in October? I just got back but will be TDY for the one in September, not to mention a possible bad crank sensor on my car.