SR7 Performance - anyone here dealt with them?


The car made the 463 to the tires and ran the 11.25 with two hurt pistons.

I fixed them, new best for the car


1.53 60ft

I will go 10's on the next trip...They closed the track on me after the 11.02 pass.

After that a 150 shot:D

The trans has been FLAWLESS, 3000 street miles and about 25 strip passes.

Fuid still smells new.

Thanks Frank@CPT

No thanks to nimrod@ SR7


Do you have any new pic's or video of the car you can share with us David?
Glad that Frank with CPT hooked you up. As far as CK performance goes.
I just discovered this thread through a friend that got the shaft from Chris as well as I.
Ck screwed me on a trans as well it NEVER shifted right and burned up in less than 2 k miles. Charged me for a BRF VB and it had CZ,had a stock band in it, no l/u harness,no psi switches, o ring on the elec connector was dry rotted and leaked, i could go on.
It was the typical song and dance as seen in this post.
I took 1800 plus bucks in the cheeks due to CK.
He told me to send it back and then it was it might not be his, then check here and there for verification and it was always and excuse. The trans was bought through Postons built by CK.
Poston enterprises gave CK the boot as well guess why....
He couldnt build a trans to stay together.
Call up Postons and speak with Mark about Ck and see for yourself if you have any doubt. That should tell you something there.
Another guy I know spent over 3G's on one from CK as well and it flared the 2-3 from day one. Steer clear of this them :mad:
I too got screwed by ck,this guy is a LIAR, CROOK & full of bull****.
buy the way you still owe me the front pump bushing you forgot to install in the trany,The tranny guy who took it apart said it would never had made it down the track.chris claimes that he installs every tranny in his car & tests them.{LIAR}When you tell him his tranny messed up,its always your own fault. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY
Thanks for your kind words,I am a liar, a crook ,and full of $hit and you are a perfect ,flawless human being.You told me you were sending me back 1 of my units and we both know it wasnt.We both verified it.Turbo Nasty I never sold you a trans.We dont and havent sold transmissions for Poston for 5 years.I did 2 repairs for Jim that were purchased from PAE.You should get your facts straight.I helped you over and over on the phone and internet and this is your way of saying thanks:biggrin: .I have made my share of blunders and 95 percent of the time we get it right.Considering the amount of business we do,this is accepatable to me.The Buick thing is a small part of our revenue but nonetheless deserves just as much attention as everything else.

I'm new to the Turbo Buick. :biggrin: I stopped by this particular thread of course trying to find a GOOD, REPTUABLE transmission builder. After reading this entire thread, (quite FUNNY I must add) I'm not sure who I can really trust:confused: All the websites look promising, saying that if you spend this you will get that.(i.e, All Hard and BilletParts) I want to spend MY HARD EARNED money one time, and not be lied to.

I want you guys to know that what is talked about in these fourms, does play a big part in my decission making process. I won't mention who won't be getting my GREEN BACKS!!:biggrin: Thanks to this thread:eek:

With that being said, can any one tell me who has any good stories about their 2004R and who the builder was?
I am a liar, a crook ,and full of $hit

That pretty much sums it up and I concur, couldn’t have said it better.

we both know your not getting any phone calls.we both know you dont know how they work.and remember your using hipsters brakes and im making my own.also i have a car here that you did 3 times.4l60e.the car goes 9.80 want him to sign on to this discussion?

Your allegations here is still waiting to be proven, Frank (CPT) as well as the rest of us are still waiting on the numbers off of the trans that they built "3" times and couldnt get right?
No but your right and everyone else is jumped in and saved the day, fixed the trans that CPT couldnt.
Wow, it must be lonely up on that pedestal.

You did admit to being a liar so we shouldn’t expect anything but lies.

I have made my share of blunders and 95 percent of the time we get it right.Considering the amount of business we do,this is accepatable to me.The Buick thing is a small part of our revenue but nonetheless deserves just as much attention as everything else.

So, "The Buick thing" "deserves as much attention as everything else" but,"blunders" and a 5% screw up rate is "acceptable" to you?

So tell us Chris... How do you take care of that 5%?

I too got screwed by ck

Guess he and I are in the 5% category.

We dont and havent sold transmissions for Poston for 5 years.I did 2 repairs for Jim that were purchased from PAE.

Let me get this straight...
You have only done 2 transmissions for Postons?

Care to elaborate on why you don’t build for Postons any longer?

No matter the response you give.....
Let the folks call Postons and ask to speak to Mark and get the truth on the matter.

Guess Postons is wrong as well and are in the 5%.

Wow such a large scale company such as Postons wrong and your right.......theres that pedestal again.

Piss on the 5%, you don’t need us Buick heathens. Banish us from your presence.

FWIW The trans that I bought from Postons said plainly on the shipping manifest "CK performance" and I called Postons upset cause of the poor product you delivered and they gave me your number.
Then had to call your wife to get the electrical connector that was busted and leaking among all the other crap you didn’t put in the trans!
And it took 3 calls to get you company to send it!!

And it was indeed purchased several years back and was a spare that was not installed until after a few years due to my stocker finally going.

More to come on my complete experience

You have been hustling folks so long you don’t even see it anymore, that’s a shame because your arrogance is backing you in a corner.
The trans that i sent you was all yours except for the forward drum.there wer 2 other parts that i took to have put on another said i sent you back a diezel valve body{liar}you said my tranny case was no good{liar}i wonder how many peaple you tell that one too?the first tranny i bought from you lasted 2 days & messed up while breaking it in.never went over 10lb boost,$2750.00 down the drain.the second tranny i bought from you $1500.00 later.the fkn thing didnt make it off the hoist,you forgot to put the front pump bushing told me you put my tranny in your friends car & tested it {liar}when i got the tranny from you {after 3 months } i took you pan off to install my deep pan we wer amazed to see the tranny was bone dry, not a sign of any tranny fluid????????when i talked to you on the phone you say its all my if i sent you back a core to rebuild i would expect a tranny back that works if i pay you?
You told me you can build these trannys with your eyes closed.well this i do believe because i think you built mine with your eyes closed.
can any one tell me who has any good stories about their 2004R and who the builder was?

I have built several in the last few months. All were for cars capable of running 11.50 or faster. Not all were for v6 cars. Some were form naturally aspirated and nitrous v8's. All had at minimum a CK billet shafted forward drum and CK servo. A few had billet inputs, OD planets, ring gears and forward drums. I pulled the one in my black car last Wednesday to do some vb mods. I inspected the clutches. All looked like new and this thing has at least 30 WOT 2-3hifts on it. The car is capable of running very low 10's on current tune at 26-28psi. I have no problems with CK. He has given me plenty of tech and great deals over the years.
Talk about beating a dead horse. Why can't we just let this post die???? I know some people are not happy unless others are miserable. Chris from CK is ok in my book

DAMMMM :eek: this is still going !! ok just have to add a few simple remarks NOT about the vendor's. I have done trannys in the past and did some "bench jobs" for locals .. I had 2 come back on me and after that I would only do them if I did the complete job. when the cars left it was the way "I" wanted it .. These 2 others forgot to hook up the "kick down" cable :rolleyes: You would be shocked to see some of the things I have seen . LOT'S of guys out there have NO idea what they are doing as far as what I consider an easy installation. Not getting the converter in (oh I can pull that in with the tranny bolts :rolleyes: ) .. TV cable adjustment.. easy to do BUT most have no idea .. when things screw up its allways the trans guy fault .. ok back under my rock :p
I wanted to update you guys on the cars progress. I did put spray on the car and hurt the engine cuz I was a dumbass. I pulled the spray off, changed a few pistons, different set of rings, loosened the converter(still not enough though) put it right back together. Took about 180lbs out of the car.Weighs 3602 with me in it now.

Car still needs more converter and a drag rear swaybar(BAD, alot worse than I thought)

Here is the best pass.

60ft 1.43
1/8 6.70@99.5
1/4 10.58@126

Here are some pics


WIth more converter and a swaybar, 10.40's maybe.