Stage 2 Headers


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May 26, 2001
What is everyone running on their Stage 2 when it comes to headers? What are the pros and cons in your eyes? I am building a Stage 2 with Stage 2 aluminum heads and still haven't purchased or decided on what headers to run.

All opinions are welcomed and appreciated.


Jason Smith
Good luck on finding some.
There are headers out there,mostly ATR's. I have heard bad things about there fit,and plug/bolt access.
Harry at PT has said they are working on building them,but did not give any dates.
Terry Houston also makes them,only production type,stageII in time.
You can always take the car to a custom fab shop,leave it for who knows how long,and they can make some,not cheap!
I am looking for some myself,maybe someone can give "us" some help.
Not to change the subject but has anyone used the Hooker headers with a GN1/ Ma headed stage 2 (3.8 or 4.1)?

I know they are no good for prod blocks but with the increased air flow how would they run on the bigger motors?

Just wondering.:confused:
Terry Houston is working on single turbo headers for the S2 heads...I don't think they're done. Other than that you have the ATRs. I have a set of the ATR single turbo headers for S2 heads for sale, BTW. :D
Sorry to have to be the one to tell everyone but.

I regret to inform you all that Terry Houston will NOT be building a stage II header. He has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to develop a stage II header that will work with AC. He has abandoned the project as he can NOT produce a header with the required clearance to keep the AC unit and improve on the ATR design (they need a lot of improvement but). Since PTE is soon to introduce a stage II header NON AC box Terry does not feel the need to invest thousands more to develop the same header. Jason I realize this isn't news to you but I needed to inform the rest of the Buick community.. Dave England

Have you decided to go with a twin setup or are you planning on building a set of headers?
PTE Headers

The PTE headers are not going to be out before Fall and maybe
later than that. I spoke to Patrick today.
I think Kip Asplud is working on a set. You may want to call him
if you can not wait.
Re: Kendall!!

Originally posted by STP
Have you decided to go with a twin setup or are you planning on building a set of headers?

Uhhh... :) I'm not in the market for an 88 anymore; let's put it that way. The A/C box was already nixed...who needs power steering <grunt, grunt>? Besides, my IC was already set up for twin inlets; this saves me the work of capping one off! :D
Hmm, i think you made a wise choice. I am going in the same direction as you. No street car here....In the end, the longevity of two smaller turbos far outweighed one huge one! Plus spoolup should be easier on the car.

Your car sounds awesome. I shot you an email.
Let me know more about it =)
It sounds like you will be joining duttweiler in the 6
second club!!!!