Stage 2 heads "almost new"


johnny boost
Aug 15, 2001
Stage 2 heads for sale complete with everything (rockers, valves, valve covers etc..). Heads were pulled off an offcenter stage 2 motor that had 2 hours break in time. Heads have not been ported but were assembled and checked by engine builder Tony Hines (<--- spelling may be wrong). Short block was sold and he would like to part with the heads. That is all the details I know as I am posting this for a friend. He is asking $2200. If you would like more details I will post my friends number later today and you can call him directly. Click on the link to see pictures.. Serious inquires only please... Heads are in NC..

Mike Banas
Stu is right. Heads are really meant for a stage 2 block (big lift needed to flow these heads). I'm surprised none of the Stage2 people have not made a $$$ offer. Did not think my buddy was too far off on the asking price. By the way the owners name is Rodney. Email me privately for his phone number. Thanks

Mike Banas