stage block prices????


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Jul 28, 2003
Im looking at buying a stage1 or2 block very soon. After doing a search it seems like a non damaged stage 1 goes for around 1300-1800 and the stage 2 maybe up to 2000. Would it be fooish to put (4) 2 bolt steel caps on a stage1? And do these prices seem about right as I have done research but not 100%. Im looking at only off center blocks with wet sump only.
You will probably have all of the 2k in your stage 1 block if you put the 4 bolt caps in, probably more.

Good luck finding a S2 for 2k that has a supporting sonic test sheet and some kind of guarantee that it is dimensionally correct.

Lots of junk out there. I highly advise whatever you do, you require that it is checked out by a machine shop first.
New Block

I've got a BRAND NEW Stage II block which HAS the sonic test with it. I'm not going to need it for my current car so I'm willing to sell it. I've also got a brand new BMS Crank and rods.

Email me if your interested in it. I'm currently on a trip and will pick up my email on Saturday the 14th.

If you don't want to worry about a worn out block put an offer in on this one...


Is it you that is running an oddfire motor in one of your cars now?


I'm running an odd fire in my kit Cobra. Its normally aspirated with a 4 bl Holley on it.

Best run so far is 10.71 @124 on the motor only ie no "juice".


The Block I have is an ON Center. The crank is a new BMS crank done by Moldex that is set up for BB Chevy rods so that getting bearings is a snap. Rods are Forged Eagle H beam's. Crank is a 3.590. EVERYTHING is brand new. Block, as I said, has the Sonic test with it and all measurements are above .300 except for 2 in the .290's.

High bidder can have the parts or I simply hang on to them as back ups to my Cobra motor.