Stage II Ebay SCAM


Brutal 6 Racing
I emailed him also.

He told me he was in Chicago. And for a quicker sale he'd drop the price to $2600 shipping included.

That engine will look sooooo good in my Yugo. :biggrin:
Damn Neal, you ruined my day. For a second I actually thought I could afford a good motor for my GN. :D ;)

BTW, check your PM's. I have to give you a ring and catch up sometime.
If figured I'd ask this jackass a couple of questions that any racer should know. My first question was if the motor was On center or Off center to which I got no reply. The other was what is the bore and stroke? The answer I got was "It's 270 cu in". I real owner of the motor in question is Bill Sakes. Bill lives here in southern CA. As I recall when it was on Ebay last year the motor didn't meet the reserve.

gnfanatic said:
What the hell is is grade 8 stainless steel bolts?

I guess its a bolt with the shear strength of grade 8 and the tensile strength of stainless steel. I bet even NASA doesn't have these in their parts bins. :D :D :D :D :D

The auction has ended and it appears the winning bid was $6100. I hope it wasn't someone from this board. Hopefully we won't see a post in a few weeks from someone who got screwed on a Stage II motor.

I had e-mailed Ebay about this being a fradulent auction and received a canned response. It doesn't give me a lot of faith in their security. Thanks to those who responded.