For Sale Stage II '87 Turbo T


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Sep 4, 2001
DISCLAIMER: I hope this isn't a rules violation not posting my car for sale in the correct forum. I'm looking for a local sale so the new owner can come see the car and I can give details on everything that has been done so everyone is on the same page and there is no surprises.


I'm looking to sell my '87 Turbo T street / Strip car. Some of you might be familiar with it as it used to belong to Paul Helliker who lived in Las Vegas and Phoenix. It was a dedicated race car for many years and was featured in "Pinks all out" in 2006 where it ran a best pass of 9.21 @148 MPH. I purchased it from Paul approx. 5 years ago and have gone thru many of the systems and done my best to make it into a Street car. The car is set up for E-85.


Here are some details on the car:


278 cu in Stage II 4.1 off center engine (500 miles) no passes
Stage II heads ported by Chapman with stainless / inconel valves
Crower forged wide journal 3.590" crank
JE 11 to 1 compression pistons
Carrillo 6.5" rods with 7/16 rod bolts
Comp cams 234 /234 @.050 114 LSA cam
Smith Brothers 3/8" chromoly push rods
TA balancer, JW flexplate, RJC pan
Custom Stage II headers with 4" downpipe
Precision 4780 turbo
Bosch 160 lb injectors


TH 400 built by Len Freeman
Reverse manual valve body
Trans brake
JW ultra bell
Trans shield
PTC convertor
Deep pan

Rear end:

Backbraced 9" Ford
Aburn Pro Series posi
Daytona pinion support
31 spline axles
3.50 gears


Rebuilt stock front suspension
36mm hollow front sway bar

Rebuilt rear suspension
Adjustable upper control arms
UMI lower control arms
UMI rear sway bar
1" lower springs

The car has a full roll cage with window net and parachute.
Mini tubbed with notched frame
Custom built 3" dual mandrel bent stainless exhaust
Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels
RJC front mount intercooler, XFI, 3.5" driveshaft yada, yada.

Asking price $25k

I also have a huge amount of Stage II parts available at additional cost. I'd be more than happy to make a package deal for the right price.


I never thought you were serious when you spoke of selling her.......... Gawd, I love that car!!!!!!!!!!

25K is a steal on this car. I believe this car to be one of the BEST examples of a serious TR on the planet. It is astounding to look at in person.
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Won't last long at that price

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Thanks Guys!

I've had fun with the car but I have too much on my plate and too many projects right now. I've had some interest from a couple of guys that had the inside track on the car but nothing solid. There are a lot of spare parts that go with the car. I hope I can find a good home for it.

Wow! That looks amazing! There's no way you could get close to building that for your selling price. Someone is going to get a fantastic car. GLWS.
Jeez..... $25k wouldn't cover the cost of the engine alone, would it? Beautiful car, glws. Wish I had money.... and more garage space.
how bout we race for pinks.
Except i need 2 car length and you cant use boost?
Cmon work with me!
I building a stage engine just like the one listed here for a customer . There will be easily the asking price of this car in the long block. I would put the true value of this car somewhere arownd 40-50 k If I was younger & still interested in going racing or even street driven this would be the car. I also have known Niel to be a sharp Buick tech & doubt with my 35 years experience I could better what he has to offer. someone take this bargin so I won't be tempted.
Neil, please call Papa Lou. :cool: Trying to put a deal together.
Thanks Neil! :cool:

We all agree, this is too much car for me. I'm a 10 second guy on my best day.:p

Someone will buy this car, and get a HELL of a deal!!!!!!!!!
I sent a pm. This car is way to much for me as well but I’m going to step up my game. I have never bought a car site unseen. That’s why I have some questions before I step up . Neil If it’s alright with you could you pm me the vin and mileage. I’m really overwhelmed right know because of the caliber of this car so please bare with me.