Stage Two Twin Turbo 274 gn price reduced $29,999


1987 Buick Grand National Stage 2 Twin Turbo

I am selling my car. It’s time to move to some other projects I have been wanting to get to. This a rare opportunity to purchase a Stage 2 car originally designed and built by Kenny Duttweiller and currently rebuilt and tuned by Billy Anderson. The drivetrain from front to back is fresh. The engine has less than 1000 miles of a complete rebuild. The transmission and rear end have less than 300 miles. I took it to the track once. I drove 300 miles round trip. Averaged 14 miles per gallon. It ran 9.87 at 136 mph on straight 93 pump gas and 16 lbs of boost. That’s with a 5 lb launch and 1.40 60ft time.

Engine—Buick Motorsports Stage Two 4.1 block casting 016, Buick Motorsports forged stroker crank for a total of 274 ci. Carillo rods and Je pistons, Stage 2 heads with T&D rockers, Duttweiller spec’d .660 lift/248 dur@.50 and 112 lobe separation solid roller cam, block has roller cam bearings installed for longevity with the high lift and spring pressures, 95lb injectors, Hogan Sheet metal intake, MSD distributor, System One oil filter

Turbos—Turbonetics on center 58mm turbos, Deltagate wastegates, Duttweiller built front mount intercooler

Engine Management—Fast XFI 2.0 with E-Dash, Two tunes, pump gas (596 rwhp at 16 lbs of boost) and C-16( 719 rwhp at 22 lbs of boost) ran out of injector to run any higher boost at this time.

Electronics—MSD 7al-2, MSD 3 step box, MSD Blaster coil

Boost Management—Boost Leash with bump box and CO2 control

Fuel system—Magnaflow 750 external fuel pump, -10 feed lbraided line and -8 braided return line

Transmission—Turbo 400 with ***Gear Vendors Overdrive***—Just rebuilt. Reverse Manual valve body, B&M shifter, UltraBell SFI bellhousing, Has all hardened shafts, Drum, and gear set, Transbrake, 8in convertor, transcooler with electric fan. I can get more info on the trans parts if buyer is serious, but since they were all in the trans when I bought it, I dint have that info readily available. I do know Bill said it was done right and a very expensive built trans originally.

Rear End—Curry built Ford 9in with 3.70 gears, 35 spline axles, 1 5/8 studs


Rear Suspension—Stock uppers, Boxed lowers with instance center relocation brackets, ATR swaybar

Brakes--Front, Aerospace Engineering 12.19 Pro Street disc brakes with ½ in studs and braided lines. Rear are Strange Engineering disc brakes. They are manual brakes. They stop great.

Wheels—Front, Cartel Precision 17x7 with 2in backspacing. Backs, Cartel Engineering 15x10 6 in backspacing ,single beadlock. Cartel Precision aluminum 12pt lug nuts. These wheels are 100 percent custom and took 3 months to get.

Interior—6 point bar, RCI harnesses, tach and shift light. Line lock, transbrake, and bump box buttons on the steering wheel.

Body—Fiberglass ATR bumpers, trunk lid, GNX flares and louvers.

Other misc items—10 gallon fuel cell in trunk, Optima Yellow Top battery in trunk. Has an aftermarket heater in it, but doesn’t currently work. I just haven’t diagnosed the issue.

This was a race car! I have refreshed the entire drive line and its running awesome. I was slowly trying to make it a more civilized street car. I drive it a lot though. It is different from most gn’s as it has manual brakes, steering , no a/c. The car itself isn’t perfect. The paint is decent, but was sprayed without removing trim, has some runs, and could use a wet sand. The option code sticker is long gone with the original trunklid. The interior could use some love to be show quality, but there aren’t any rips or tears. The headliner is good.

This car does have a reconstructed title due to theft years ago. I bought it with this and had no issues with title transfer. I also have a lean on it, so It would take several weeks to obtain the title from the bank. I have no issue with the buyer taking possession of the car during that time.

I may have still missed some things and can provide any pictures to serious potential buyers

This car is crazy fast and a real head turner!

Asking $29,999.00 or best offer

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Aw, come on now, you have to post more pictures of this beast! 9's on pump gas, holy shit.(y)
Hate to see you sell it bro. Everyone came together as a team at andersons to give you what you wanted just wish you could keep it longer to enjoy it lol
But do it leak oil??:confused:
One bad ass car, been watching it since the last "for sale" ad. I have two lotto tickets in my wallet. If I hit the lotto on Tuesday, consider it sold!
Come ooooooon lottery.

This this guy in town that has a 66/67 Chevelle. Tubed out, big motor, says it runs 9's. Loves talking smack.

I know I can't beat him but I'd love a 9 second gray TR like mine to shut him up.

He'd never know the difference hahahahahha.

Love the car man.