Staged RPM switch?


- driving everywhere -
Was wondering if anyone knows of a switch that you could set different RPM switches...

Say for a mutli-stage Alky setup... have one stage on under a certain boost AND/OR at a certain RPM in each gear...

hey Dan !

how's it going? there are several options out there you can use. the system i like the most and use is the Holley Annihilator. it's kind of pricey but will work with our ignitions at $300.00. there is another manufacturer that has NICE control units but are more expensive. i think MSD sells some type of control but it might need to be used with one of their systems. HTH....and call me if you have any questions. later...

John C.
LedSLED Motorsports
I have a programmable DPS, digital pressure switch, that I can use that has relay outputs that you can set to 5 different levels.

I only use it for a tuning aid since I can record peak boost with my LED display and I have never been able look at my gauge accurately while driving WOT. :eek:

The small relay outputs could trigger a big 12volt relay that could power a solenoid to switch Alky or a double pump etc.

Not sure if they are in production yet but cost was about $280.

Not all that cheap... but a neat tool already engineered and packaged. Easily programmed too. :)