staggered higher ratio rocker arms turbo application


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Sep 25, 2012
hey guys, first post here. there are some killer cars on this site. and some people with a hell of alot of talent. i've got an 01 camaro 3.8/t5. i'm running a grand national turbo .63 exhaust a/r .60 compressor. i got a pretty good deal on some higher ratio rocker arms. they are staggered 1.9 and and 1.7's(maybe 1.8) i believe.
i was wondering if anybody here upgraded just their rockers(no cam) in a turbo setup. i was going to keep the stock cam and run the 1.9's on the exhaust side. 1.7 on intake. any comments or opinions? its similar to what a turbo cam would do. just looking for advice. thank you!