Stalling out-help


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Hey everyone, last year I put a post up when I was having problems with my GN stalling out on a cold start. Long story short it was suggested that I get a new chip. I got a new chip which seemed to fix the problem in the spring.

This summer as I was driving the car's check engine light would periodically turn on the car lost power and would sputter for a few minutes then go back to running normal. This seemed to happen on more "hot" days.

Now it is getting cold around here and every time I start the car on a cold start it appears to idle fine for a minute then drops down to almost stalling out then rapidly has a high idle then goes back down. (sometimes even stalls out if I dont put my foot on the gas). As soon as it hits running temp its fine.

I dont know what the cause is, any ideas? Input would be appreciated. Could it be a bad sensor somewhere. Hot days and cold days it runs like this. Warm-cool weather it runs beautiful. please help thanks.

Scanmaster numbers? Not much info here. Original Maf taking a dump? That is my first guess. Give it a rap with a screwdriver while idling. If it stumbles, you have found the problem. Really need some numbers.