Starter gear roller stop interference with flexplate


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Hi guys, has anyone had any issues with the flexplate teeth hitting the starter gear roller stop? This is a stock engine but with an aftermarket mini starter (Earl brown starter which is a very nice piece btw). The engine is on my stand so I can see things real clear. One thing I checked was the roller stop does not extend as far as the stock starter roller bc of the shorter nose. The stock one goes just beyond the flexplate teeth. I rotated the engine by hand and I could see it hitting the roller in a few places. I posted a couple pics. The yellow roller is the mini starter and the other is the stock. It says the photo files are too large for the system. They were 3mb per photo.
Can you push the Bendix out to see how the gears mesh and what clearance you have?
Also, ask Earl.
I asked Earl and just said send it back. He had no explanation but has sold allot of them. I just wonder if all the mini starters would be like this.
I couldn't move the Bendix to check that, I tried.