Starter Shim(s)


May 24, 2001
Earlier today - I managed to fire-up my fresh engine and it fired right-up. I heat-cycled the engine once, changed the oil and filter.

I do have to get some starter shims - do I just go at - and use the "trial and error" technique, and roll the starter motor over a bit with the ECM disconnected - and use a shim or shims - until I get a nice normal sound, or is there a better way?
On mine I have one shim only under one of the starter bolts. I actually have a book somewhere that showed the gm clearance spec between the starter and flywheel teeth as .035" I believe (about the thickness of a paperclip). I'm not sure if there would be room under the car to try to use this technique though.
I used the one "Big Fat Shim" out of the kit that is sold by the local Auto Parts Doosches - and it made that "noisy" starter problem go-away.