Starting to tune!! A little help, please


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I just got my scanmaster last week at the behest off all of my helpful respondants on this forum. Now that its there, I need to get a general idea about what the "good" values are for my car, as I am unsure about them.

I suppose the main concern is 02 volts under WOT.. on several passes, I was getting around 750 and anywhere from 4.3-6.5 degrees of knock retard.. from what I've read, only around 3 is acceptable but less is better (and none better still). I have my FPR set pretty low right now...should I bump up the pressure 1-2 psi to try and bring my 02s up a bit more? The paperwork said that 780-790 is preferrable on pump gas. Any input?

Also, could someone explain why the scanmaster shows my coolant at being a solid 10-12 degrees higher than my gauge when both sending units are effectively in the same water jacket in the manifold? And why will it jump around sometimes? (example- driving around, it may go- 185-183-187-192-185, seemingly at random)

Hmm...what else... the only other thing that I wonder about is why in the paperwork for the scanmaster it shows two other parameters (injector pulse width and one other) that you can supposedly view, yet mine doesn't show them..

And lastly: they say to try and make tuning runs in top gear.. effectively speaking, you can't really hit WOT in 4th anywhere in my area, and the problem is that it will hit full boost before 3 volts on the TPS and the data wont be stored. 3rd gear runs seem to be best.
Set the fuel pressure to @45 PSI. Adjust your boost accordingly. Just remember that what your 02 reads is not gospel. I would move the 02's to 800-850 to be on the safe side. All it takes is one hiccup and your under the hood.