steering column sleeve


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Mar 14, 2010
I just installed my new mini-tach and booster gage. I made a bracket and mounted them to the steering column sleeve. Tight fit, but it works. Then I tried to drive and discovered that the steering column sleeve moves when you shift gears. Obviously, this won't work. Is there a way to dis-connect this feature? Why is the shifter connected to the steering column sleeve? I'm hoping there is a cable somewhere that can be disconnected so all my work won't be wasted. I fished around with my hand and couldn't feel anything. HELP

There is a rod that goes from the transmission shifter bracket to the column---- this is under the car and goes up near the fire wall .The purpose is to run the switch under the dash that controls your backup lights and neutral/park start positions. Cant recomend disabling it.
You can get around the problem, but it i s a little bit of work. Here is how I did it many years ago. I think I still have the shifter somewhere. I'll see if I can find it and take pictures to make it a little bit clearer what I'm trying to explain.

To get around the steering column lower bowl rotating, reemove the linkage from the column to the transmission and also remove the bracket that is on the brake combination valve. Drill a 1/16" hole into the metal bracket for the wire harness that is located below the master cylinder. Safety wire the lever to this metal bracket so the column was always in "park". Remove the p/n switch from the column since it is no longer functional. To get reverse lights, p/n signal to the ecm and a safety start, get a shifter and the wire harness connctor from a wrecked automatic trans Firebird/Camaro- all of these functions are on a shifter mounted switch. Cut off the bracket from the F-car. Cut a slot in the GN shifter handle so the tang from the F-car switch would go into it. Clamp the new switch and bracket to the G/N shifter with a pair of Vise-Grips. Check it with an ohm meter to make sure all of the switch functions occur correctly with the shifter in each position. Weld the bracket to the shifter. The bracket itself has slotted mountings for small adjustments. Make a wire harness with 18 gauge wire from the GN's p/n input and reverse lamp connectors over to the correct wires in the F-car switch. Remove the purple wire from the ignition switch and use ten gauge wire to go to the F-car switch and back to the ignition switch for the safety start. Cover the wire harness with a piece of black split plastic conduit. Even the console plate fits and you'll never know its there.

The wiring connections to make:

F-car switch G/N wiring on column Function

A Orange/black P/N input to ECM
B Black/white

C Light green Reverse lamps
D Dark blue

E Purple Safety start
F Wire to term S on ignition switch
If you do this be careful as you can then start the engine while the transmission is in gear. There is no neut/park safety switch on our cars. It is a mechanical interlock within the steering column assembly.

The switch at the base of the column handles the back up lights and the P/N input to the ECM. Note that the P/N input to the ECM is not used to control whether the engine cranks to run or not.

That is why the purple wire from the ignition switch goes to the Fcar switch. Yes you will be able to physically rotate the key to the start postion but the starter will not function as long as the shifter is in either park or neutral. The Fcar switch is now elctrically in series with the GN ignition switch and the starter woon't work until the Fcar switch closes.
I see it now, that will work (I gotta' stop posting until the second cup of coffee kicks in...).