Stengthening the 2004R


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Re:Strengthening the 2004r

Very nice of you to take the time to write this...always good to hear an expert's opinion.

Also refreshing to see that it's couched as tendencies based on experience. It's too often we read some guy's opinion written as if it is absolute.

I enjoy your honesty.

Line pressure/

Bruce, does adding an extra quart of fluid to the tranny help with the cavitation problem? I have a stock GN but my 1-2 shift is verrrryyyyyyy soft and drawn out under WOT. At partial to 3/4 throttle it barks the tires no problem.

I show the car in stock class so I would like to keep the stock pan.

Could a dirty trans filter contribute to the sluggish shift?
Sorry I have been hurt ,,,,, back again... Yes you can try it or try our new sump in it. Let me know..